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What is the minimum order quantity? (This is the most frequent question)

This answer is divided to 3 groups:

  1. If ordering items, that are available in stock, there is no minimum quantity per item, but total must be more than 50 pcs.

  2. 2.When ordering from our catalog, the MOQ is 60 pcs per item and min 20 pcs per color

  3. When ordering your own design, the MOQ(minimum order quantity) is 100 pcs per item and min 20 pcs per color


Can I try a sample order first?

Yes, you can order a sample order. (for international customers only)

A minimum of 10 different items is required.(Can be more)

Sample order will be send by EMS (Express Mail Service)

Payment should made through PayPal (other payments methods are available for normal orders)

How long does the manufacturing process takes?

The process takes up to 1 month (less in most cases)

completion date will be negotiate with the customer

Why does it takes so long?

After accepting your order, we start to manufacture the items.

This process include: ordering fabric rolls from factory, create a pattern (incase you wish to have your own design), make a sample and correct if needed, cutting the fabric and sewing the items, then if needed, color the items in an hand made Tie Dye process, and send the shop.

We would like to take some time, so finally we can deliver the best product to you.

How long does it take to complete an order if I order from stock?

Stock orders will be ready in few days followed by an invoice.

What is this ordering system all about?

This Online Ordering System was created in order to give our customers, a more convenient and intuitive way to search through our catalog, and find the products they are interested in, in more efficient way.

This system will also allow you to keep track of you previous orders with us, and stay updated with new arrivals and best sellers information.

If you have any questions regarding using the system, we will be more than glad to assist, and provide you with one on one demo if necessary.

Are there any payments processed through this website?

NO, NO and NO. For security reasons, we will never ask for any payment to be made through this system. After placing an order, you will receive an order confirmation by email. We will also receive an email confirming of your order, and will follow ASAP with an estimate or asking more details if necessary.

How long does it takes to ship to...?

Generally, there are 3 methods of shipping, each has its Pros and Cons. Here are the 3 common ways:

  1. UPS, DHL, etc… -most common way for small to medium orders.

Pros- usually arrive in 3-5 day, Door to Door, tracking no.

Cons- getting expensive for large orders quantities.

2. Air Cargo- require a minimum of 45 Kg

Pros- Cheaper than previous option when weight is high, relatively fast (usually arrive within 1 week)

Cons- Arrive at the nearest airport, expensive for large order

3. Sea Cargo- require a minimum of 1 Cubic Meter (about 6 boxes of 25 Kg. can send less than this, but minimum charge is for 1 cubic meter)

Pros- cheapest way to ship large quantities

Cons- Arrives in one month or more.

If you plan to order large quantities, we recommend you to contact one of the many cargo agency available in Thailand, if you need our help we will assist you, without any additional charge.

How can I transfer money to you?

A: There are several methods you can transfer the money:

1. Bank Transfer, Western Union, Money gram , etc….

(There will be an additional 500THB charge for Bank Transfer)

2. PayPal (4.0% service charge apply for PayPal transaction)

*Bank information and PayPal email is available in “Contact Us” page.

Are there any additional charges to these payment method?

There are additional charges That depend on your payment method

Charges are as follow:

  1. PayPal – 4% service charge on Total amount (Please note that PayPal invoice will be charged in USD currency, as our PayPal account is in USD)

  2. Bank Transfer – A flat fee of 500 THB  will apply for all bank transfers

  3. Western Union and Money Gram – No fee, as those services charge all the amount in their service station.

Can I attach my own label, and do you charge for this service?

All our items include a basic label with washing instruction and  “Made in Thailand”

If customer wants to stitch his own label, he must supply us with the label he wants to attach.

For attaching customer’s labels, we charge as follow:

More than 50 pcs per item – No charge as we stitch the label as part of the production process.

Less than 50 pcs per item – We charge 5 THB per piece.

The charge is due to the fact that we need to send the items from the shop back to the factory to stitch the label again.The charge is intend to cover this cost.

About NaniWorld

NaniWorld is a wholesale clothing manufacturer and exporter of women Casual, Resort and beachwear apparel, created by using light and comfortable fabrics, such as Cotton, Rayon and Spandex.

In 2010 we opened another shop specialized in Spandex Rayon clothes, which is a very comfortable and stretchy fabric.

Additionally, we add a new Tie Dye designer to our team to create unique Tie dye patterns in both Cotton and Spandex lines.

The manufacturing process includes; receiving Cotton, Rayon and Spandex rolls from the fabric factory, than cut the fabric following our designed pattern. and finally ,sewing the parts into a complete product.

Some items are painted in a hand made Tie Dye process, which give every item a unique look.

After product completion, it gets to the shop, or being export to other countries, following an order.

If you are looking for styles, such as: Hippie, Boho, Resort, Casual, Beachwear, Tie Dye or Free size, you can find them at NaniWorld.

We specialize in making Women Dresses, Skirts, Tops, Blouses, Pants, Scarves, all made from Cotton,Rayon and Spandex Rayon.

Our shops are located in ”Bobae Tower” at the heart of the apparel wholesale center, in Bangkok, Thailand.

hand tie dye long dress

New Ordering System

In this website you will be able to visit our online catalog, see our most recent products and learn about product material and view their wholesale prices.

To start navigating through the catalog, please choose any of the categories appear in the top navigation menu, or press on any of the category images above.

As you may notice, many of our items are now appear on a real model, and we are making a lot of effort, both in terms of time and money to try and create a “Human” catalog, to be nicely and professionally presented.
As our value customer, you are most welcome to use these photos for your own marketing campaigns. We believe sharing will bring greater results for both sides.

For any questions, please feel free to contact us though the contact form appear in the bottom of this page.

Thank you for your visit !


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